Leadership Examined

Being a Leader of Action

I recall as a young man being told, “Timeliness is next to godliness” and “there is no better time than the present”, when being taught about how important being on time was. These phrases helped shape me as a leader and helped me make the connection between time and action in my leadership journey. Timeliness …Continue reading

Communications can be fatal

The communication practice of 21st century leaders requires attention at all times. Off-the-cuff comments are quickly becoming self-destructive and written errors are intolerable. Leaders must maintain complete awareness to the society and environment they live and operate in.  They must prepare extensively for written communications, media interactions, and employee and stockholder engagements. With a zero tolerant …Continue reading

21st Century Differences

I struggle sometimes to understand some of the differences that show themselves in our 21st century United States of America. I have worked to remain abreast of the rapidly changing leadership landscape, the fluidly dynamic political environment, and the radical swings in ethics, morals, and values that are occurring with great speed and rapidity. I …Continue reading

Growth often requires Jumping

Comedian Steve Harvey has a video on YouTube where he describes how to take a “jump” and put change into motion in your life. You can see his video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvElSv8PHTM Leaders must be ready to jump when the timing and situation are right so they continue to grow personally and professionally.  The principal opponents …Continue reading

Leaders Get Discouraged Too

One of the greatest challenges of being a 21st century leader is staying positively energized. Strong leaders work hard to stay engaged with activities, information, and current events inside and outside their organization. I have always enjoyed getting up early on Sunday morning, getting the local newspaper, and enjoyed reading it while listening to the …Continue reading

Leaders must pursue fairness

The expectation of most Americans is simple fairness.  This expectation is anything but simple. As hard as we have worked to make things fair for our citizens there are still some very unfair situations across our nation, in our workplaces, and within our government agencies.  Leaders must be observant to injustices and unfairness and work …Continue reading

Diversion Agreement vs Core Values

I have struggled for three weeks to write this blog post. I work to focus my writings on matters of leadership and how leadership matters in our daily lives. I am also keenly aware of the critical role that ethics, morals, and values play in leadership today. I am frustrated by the blatant disregard for …Continue reading

True Teamwork

I have spent the majority of my working years serving as a team member. I have also been privileged to serve as a team leader on numerous occasions. I have also read some really good books on Teamwork, specifically: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work and The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, both written …Continue reading

Non-leadership by Example

In the evening of December 10, 2013, we learn that the Congress has worked out a budget deal for Fiscal Year 2014 http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/budget-deal-update-patty-murray-paul-ryan-100960.html. The fiscal year for our country starts on October 1 of every year. Congress has not passed a budget in time for the start of the fiscal year for more years than …Continue reading

Staying Strong in the 21st Century

  One of my signature items as a leader is to always sign my emails and letters with a sendoff of “stay strong!” My intention was to send a reinforcing message to them as leaders and to remind them that great strength is necessary for a leader in the 21st century world.  Our best leaders …Continue reading

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